Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Taifi Rose Water

Taifi Rose Water

Taifi Rose Water with Traditional Arab Sprinkler

English Name           

Taifi Rose Water
Arabic Name

Maa’ Ward Taa’ifi

Taif is a place in Saudi Arabia. It is famous for its beautiful rose farms. Taifi rose water is a hydrosol. Thousands of pink rose petals are boiled in water to extract rose oil perfume. The remaining water is bottled and sold as rose water.

  1. Very light perfume
  2. Anti-depressant
  3. Facial cleanser
  4. Facial toner
  5. Cools fevers
  6. Room fragrance
  7. Food flavouring for sweets and puddings

Methods of using:    
  1. Very light perfume – spray rose water on your yourself, your clothes, before ironing your linen etc.
  2. Anti-depressant – inhale the fragrance
  3. Facial cleanser – apply some rose water onto a cotton pad and wipe face and neck with it.
  4. Facial toner – same as no. 3 above
  5. Cools fevers – do the same as no. 3 above
  6. Room fragrance – spray into the room
  7. Food flavouring for sweets and puddings – add a few drops to rice pudding, rasmalai or any other dish of your choice.

The rose water that you find on supermarket shelves is not the original rose water extracted from rose petals the traditional way. It is water with added rose extract along with whatever else the manufacturer has decided to add (sometimes they include alcohol as a preservative). Once you have smelled the beautiful fresh aroma of real rose water you will never again want to use the artificial kind!
Real rose water is a hydrosol. It is the actual water which has been boiled with thousands of rose petals.

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