Thursday, 28 September 2017

Now Selling Rose Water Online!

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I'm selling the most wonderful smelling rose water you've ever experienced. Your Mother, Grand Mother, Aunty will love you for it.

It comes from the cool valleys of Taif. The rose fields cover the beautiful town and are harvested in May. The flowers are distilled to primarily make the prized and famous rose oil perfume. The water remaining after this process is bottled and sold as 'Rose Water' which is the original grade 1 rose water. The difference between this natural rose water and the 'artificial rose water' sold in supermarkets is stark. The rose water sold in supermarkets is basically water with a few drops of rose essence. It is obviously not the same fragrance nor does it have the same effect as real distilled rose water.

I invite you to try the real rose water for yourself. Below are the many ways in which it can be used :

  1. Very light perfume – spray rose water on your yourself, your clothes, before ironing your linen etc.
  2. Anti-depressant – inhale the fragrance
  3. Facial cleanser – apply some rose water onto a cotton pad and wipe face and neck with it.
  4. Facial toner – same as no. 3 above
  5. Cools fevers – do the same as no. 3 above
  6. Cools skin from overheating.
  7. Room fragrance – spray into the room
  8. Food flavouring for sweets and puddings – add a few drops to rice pudding, rasmalai or any other dish of your choice.