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Frankincense - Lubaan in Islaam

Lubaan in Islaam

Lubaan, Frankincense


English Name           

Arabic Name

Lubaan: لبان
Scientific Name

Boswellia frereana; boswellia carteri; boswellia sacra.

A golden yellow gum resin extracted from a tree trunk
Medicinal Uses

Purifies the air from unwanted smells.
Lifts the mood of a person.
Helps improve memory.
Neutralizes bad breath.
Strengthens the heart.

Purifies the air when burnt
(place a piece of lubaan on an electric burner or on a piece of hot coal)
Methods of using
Drink the liquid after soaking lubaan in water (place a  small piece in a glass of water and leave to soak for a couple of hours.

Chew a piece of lubaan until it becomes like chewing gum then remove and throw it away - do not swallow.

Inhale the fragrance by burning lubaan on coals or on a burner.
Mentioned in Islaam

Ali (Radi Allaahu ‘anhu) said,
“Resort to the lubaan, because it strengthens the heart and does away with forgetfulness.”
Ibn Abbaas (Radi Allaahu ‘anhu) said,
“Drinking lubaan with sugar on an empty stomach is favourable for the urine and helps against forgetfulness”
Anas (Radi Allaahu ‘anhu) said,
“Resort to kundur (lubaan)! Soak it overnight and in the morning take a sip of it on an empty stomach because it is good against forgetfulness.”
More Information
Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet” (r) by Imam ibn Qayyim al Jauziyyah. Darussalam 1999

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