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Henna in Islaam Summary

Henna in Islaam Summary

Whole dried Henna leaves

Whole Henna leaves

Henna Powder

Traditional Henna and Herbs Market Stall, Saudi Arabia

Henna Powder

English Name           

Other Names

Hinna, mehandi
Scientific Name

Lawsonia Inermis

It is a green powder ground from henna leaves. It is grown in hot countries from Morocco across Sudan, Saudi, Pakistan and India.

Astringent, conditions hair, orangey red dye, UV protection, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial.
Medicinal Uses

Wounds, burns, fungal infections, anti-dandruff, strengthens hair, removes excess oil from scalp.
Natural dye to mark skin for radiation therapy.
Natural hair dye and natural grey hair dye.
Natural dye for designs on skin (body art/tattoo)
Mentioned in Islaam
“Henna and katam are best at colouring grey hair”

“The Prophet (r) used to dye his hair and beard with henna and katam.”

Aboo Bakr and Umar (The Caliph leaders that came after the Prophet (r)) used to dye their hair with henna and katam. (Ahmad; Muslim)

“A woman made a sign from behind a curtain to indicate that she had a letter for the Messenger of Allaah (r). The Prophet (r) closed his hand saying, ‘I do not know whether this is a man’s hand or a woman’s’. She said, ‘a womans’. He said, ‘if you were a woman you would colour your nails with henna”.
Narrated by Aa’ishah in Aboo Daawood no. 4154.

“The best scent of the People of Paradise will be henna”.
Narrated by ‘Abdullaah bin ‘Amr in Tabaraani.

“No-one complained of a pain in his head except that he (r) said use cupping and no-one complained of a pain in his legs except that he (r) said dye them (i.e with henna).
Narrated by Salmaa Umm Raafi’ in Bukhaaree.

“Whenever the Messenger of Allaah (r) had a boil or was pricked by a thorn, he used to put henna on it.”
Narrated by Salmaa Umm Raafi’ in Tirmidhee.

“My brother Raafi’ and I visited ‘Umar bin al Khattaab. I had dyed my hair with henna and my brother had dyed his hair yellow (sufrah). So ‘Umar said, ‘this is the dye of Islaam’ and he said to my brother, ‘this is the dye of faith, eemaan.”
(Awn al Ma’bood Sharh Aboo Daawood. Vol. 11 p 258).

Methods of using:    
To dye hair orangey red
(The results depend on your hair colour, what other herbs you add to the henna mix, how long you leave it on your hair and the freshness and quality of your henna powder):

Use gloves. Always do a strand test.
Make some henna paste with henna powder and lemon juice/water. (use 100g henna powder for shoulder length hair) Leave overnight to release the dye.
Add more water to form a paste like yoghurt and stir well.
Section your hair and apply the mixture. Leave on your hair for about 2-4 hours and wrap well with cling film or a shower cap. Make sure to wipe off any excess paste from ears, forehead and neck as it will make your skin turn orange!
Wash your hair thoroughly.
It takes about 2 days for the final colour to settle completely.

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